Fishing Adventure on Boa Vista

Cape Verde is an excellent fishing destination for a variety of fishing techniques. There is a great variety of species ranging from Groupers, Moray Eels, Triggerfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Amberjack, Mahi Mahi to Blue Marlin.  The best known fishing area for Blue Marlin is around the island of Sao Vicente, but there is also a chance of catching this impressive fish here at Boa Vista.

Big Game Fishing (trolling & vertical jigging)

For Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Blue Marlin, trolling is used in so-called big game fishing. With different plastic lures (Rapalla & Squid) we go to depths between 40 and 70 metres.

Amberjack are mainly caught by vertical jigging. This can be combined with the Big Game Tour.

The Big Game Fishing is normall a full-day trip (7 hous). so there is enough time to go North, West and also far to the South of Boa Vista (mostly we head direct to the South).

The peak season for Blue Marlin is from April to July.

Big Game Fishing can be offered all year round. However, during the months of December to May it can often be very windy with high swells. In this case trips have to be postponed or even cancelled completely. The best weather conditions for big game tours are from June to November. Of course, there also can always be strong winds and high waves during this time.

Safety and well-being always come first. Therefore, we will always check the weather forecast when you are here and if necessary we will discuss the dates with you again.

If we catch a Blue Marlin, the rule is: Catch & Release - this fish will be released again. All other fish will be divided among the crew. In the case of larger catches, part of the catch will also go to the needy on the island of Boa Vista. In no case will the fish be sold afterwards.


 Get involved in an adventure: Pure adrenaline when you hook your first big fish.

At the moment of the bite, you feel the adrenaline rising inside you. You feel the power of the fish without initially knowing what kind of fish it is. Experience what goes on inside you when you have pulled the first fish on board the boat.


Our Boats

"Blue Fever"

The "Blue Fever" is an AL Custom 21 - a boat specially designed for fishing. It is 21 ft long and equipped with a powerful 150 hp Suzuki outboard. We also carry a small "emergency engine". There is seating in the bow and at the stern. Our "cruising speed" is 15 - 25 knots, depending on the wind and waves. The automatic trim system keeps the boat perfectly in the water. The boat is used for big game trips for up to 3 people.

"Simply No Stress"

The "Simply No Stress" is our 47 ft long motor yacht, which is mainly used for our Fish, Chill & Grill Trip & the Whale Watching Trips. She has 2 375 HP Caterpillar engines, seating & sunbathing areas in the sun & shade. It is also equipped with a kitchen & toilet. The "cruising speed" is 8 - 12 knots, depending on the wind and waves. For the big game tours, we only use them for group bookings of 4 or more people.

how to dress

  • comfortable
  • sturdy sandals or sneakers
  • headgear
  • jacket or sweater depending from the wind

don' forget

  • sun cream
  • camera



approx. 7 hours



Included service

  • Transfer from/to Hotel
  • drinks on board
  • sandwiches
  • english speaking Guide

"Blue Fever" up to 2 people

"Blue Fever" 3 people

560 € / 61.000 CVE

600 € / 66.000 CVE

from RIU Touareg

zzgl. 30 € / 3.300 CVE

"Simply No Stress" (4 - 6 people) 900 € / 99.000 CVE
from RIU Touareg zzgl. 30 € / 3.300 CVE


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Boat license

Various boat trips with "locals" are now offered on Boa Vista. Please make sure that the trip offered to you is conducted with a licensed boat. There are very few boats here on Boa Vista that actually have the necessary licenses and therefore also the appropriate insurance and safety equipment.